Discover the unique electronic stamp that allows you to authenticate and sign documents wherever you are, even without a network connection.

Authenticate and sign documents on smartphones or tablets

With the electronic stamp, it is possible to authenticate and validate a step directly on smartphones and tablets, in just a few seconds.


The user’s personal data is protected and stored directly in the stamp, which allows offline authentication.

For better traceability

When stamping, a double proof is stored: on one hand in the stamped device, and on the other hand in the memory of the electronic stamp, then in blockchain.

Ultra-secure authentication

The stamp uses an innovative and patented pairing technology, based on the management of unique encrypted tokens for each stamp.

There are up to 2 authentication factors: with the stamp and with a PIN code. It is possible to choose your preferred usage with the plan that best suits you.

With the BYSTAMP application:

  • Manage and set your stamps up
  • Choose the plan that best suits you
  • Store your evidence of stamping


GDPR compliant

All biometric data is protected and stored in a highly secure area of the stamp.


To enable secure pairing, the stamp requires Bluetooth to be activated on the mobile terminal.


With its thin, ergonomic shape, the stamp was designed for use in the field.


The shell is made of plastic and the edges are made of embossed rubber for better grip and tightness.

Supplied accessories: one AAA battery + stamp labels + a strap
Height and weight: 2.3 x 2.3 x 7.2 cm (0.9 x 0.9 x 2.8 inch) – 35 grams – 1.24 ounces

BYSTAMP, elected among the winners of
Innovation Awards 2020 at CES in Las Vegas