How it works

How to seal and sign with the KEYMO© stamp ?

Discover KEYMO©, the only intuitive, easy and quick solution, at the office or on the move, to stamp electronic seals and signatures on digital documents.  


The act of stamping is carried out using the KEYMO© digital stamp, the KEYMO© application, and a PC, tablet or mobile phone.

The application has been created in such a way that sealing and signing functions are easy to access for everyone.

The KEYMO© digital stamp acts as a digital safe vault for your company stamp and personal signature data.
You can now stamp and sign in seconds, at any time, on your PC/mobile or someone else's one, and without a network connection.

How to activate your KEYMO© digital stamp ?

The KEYMO© application, whether on PC, tablet or mobile, allows you to activate your KEYMO© digital stamp. 

Activating your KEYMO© digital stamp consists in creating your user account, configuring your corporate imprint and registering your signature.


The configuration of the company stamp is done in the same way as you would do for a seal of an ink rubber stamp.

Thanks to the KEYMO© application, you can choose the format of your corporate stamp, its colours and text, but also, if you wish, load items of your corporate stamp that you already possess such as a logo, a company stamp and/or a personal signature in jpeg or png format.

All of this activation is finalised with the creation of a PIN code of your choice to secure the daily use of the KEYMO© digital stamp.

Once the activation is complete, your company stamp and your personal signature are only stored in the KEYMO© digital stamp.
You can then seal and sign without any limit on a daily basis!