Video customer testimonials

Innovation Director

Stéphane KIRCHE 


Stéphane Kirche, Director of health technologies, clinical engineering and innovation for the North Saône and Loire Hospital group, which includes a number of MCO (Medical/Chirurgical..) establishments.

So KEYMO is actually the everyday tool of the biomedical, clinical or IT engineer.

Our daily routine is driven by 25 to 30 orders a day, the signing of agreements and finally it creates the link and the efficiency necessary in any case to be able to accelerate the purchasing process, orders, in the emergency or in the daily routine, but also the whole relationship that we could also have with the sustainable development policy, by finally avoiding to systematically print documents.

Purchasing Director

Alexandre BENOIST


My name is Alexandre Benoist, I am a clinical engineer in charge of biomedical purchasing.

Whether it's maintenance or investment purchases, I use KEYMO regularly, daily, actually, to sign my purchase orders or sometimes the receipts.

The interesting thing is that, actually, throughout the day I can use KEYMO on the go and - be in a meeting - and be able to finalise an order.

It's a very interesting product that makes my life easier.

Information System Manager

Benjamin MALOT 


Hello, I am Benjamin Malot, Head of the Information System at the North-Saône and Loire Hospital group.

So, for my part, I usethe KEYMO electronic signature to sign documents such as orders and memos.

The advantage is that it's really easy to use, you can get used to it straight away, and the results are always there.

Emergency Doctor

Valéria ZUDDAS


Hello everyone, I am Dr. Valéria Zuddas, an emergency doctor in the 78 region (Paris’ french suburbs).

I recently acquired the KEYMO stamp to be able to send certain documents to my patients, such as medical certificates, prescriptions or to send accounting documents in a secure manner and with signatures that protect the documents.

I chose KEYMO because it's super easy to use.

You can already use it on the go because it's a very small stamp, so you can use it with different mobiles, on the mobile or on the computer and it's indeed unlimited and you can use documents that are in pdf format which makes it super easy to use and create these types of documents.

 SSII Manager



Hello, I am Alexandre Lutin-Lamarre.  

I manage an IT service company called Info-Glide.
It is specialised in database expertise.

I desired to buy an electronic stamp, a KEYMO stamp, that allows me to sign and facilitate everything that involves signing documents so that my signatures are genuine, (I use it) especially for service contracts with my customers, tax documents, accounting documents, insurance contracts and commercial leases.

 What I like about KEYMO is its ease of use, its robustness and one point that is very important to me is that it is subscription-free.