What is a Digital stamp?

Digital stamp is an evolution of the "ink" stamp. It appeared many years ago to allow people to mark, authenticate and certify their official documents.
This imprint affixed by the tool allows in particular to:

 Faciliter la gestion et le traitement des documents
 Gagner du temps lors du marquage dans les démarches administratives
 Valider des documents importants comme des factures payées par exemple.

Le  tampon numérique  est la version du tampon encreur adaptée à l'univers digital désormais incontournable.
Cet outil digital permet de signer des documents facilement et rapidement sans ne plus avoir à imprimer, tamponner, signer, scanner. De plus, cela peut éviter la maintenance d'une imprimante et le remplacement d'un tampon encreur à la moindre modification des informations de l'empreinte d'entreprise.

L’utilisation du tampon électronique représente un réel gain de temps lors du tamponnage de vos documents.

Why use a Digital stamp?

Today, the use of the company stamp is common in all companies and administrations, even mandatory. 

With the progression of dematerialization, many documents are exchanged electronically and no longer need to be printed. However, the only way to transmit a document is to print it, stamp it and scan it.
To make everyday administrative life easier while maintaining the reassuring and marketing aspect of the ink pad, we created the KEYMO™ digital stamp.

Documents you can sign with a digital stamp


Validate/sign your quotes on the move


Stamp your invoices without printing


Streamline the signing process


Certify the authenticity of your documents


Make your diplomas unalterable


Aim for sensitive documents

Discover our digital stamp

The KEYMO™ digital stamp proves easy to adopt because it uses the familiar stamping gesture but also the same method of setting up the impression as with ink pads.

In addition, in the face of corporate identity theft due to stamp theft/loss, the KEYMO™ electronic stamp provides the most advanced security.

The KEYMO™ digital stamp

Discover the unique stamp that allows you to seal and sign digital documents wherever you are without a network connection and without paying a subscription.


KEYMO - electronic signature and stamp without subscription

Manage and protect your digital stamp

First, the KEYMO™ buffer offers to protect the stamping acts by a PIN code you set.

All of the enterprise buffer data is protected in a digital vault that resides in an ultra-secure component of the KEYMO™ buffer.v

This component is the same component used in bank cards and identity/passport cards.

Finally, to ensure the best security when affixing a corporate stamp, the KEYMO™ stamp gives you the full benefit of its capabilities by fulfilling the same obligations and requirements as an electronic signature.

To learn more about electronic signatures, go to the following sections.

Other electronic signature formats

Digital signature

Once your personal signature is registered, you can apply it to any digital document from your cell phone or a third party's mobile phone.


Digital seal

Associated with a qualified certificate, you will be able to load your company, administration and/or service seal. This will allow you to seal the integrity of your document and confirm its genuiness.


CES 2020 - KEYMO - signature et tampon électronique
BYSTAMP, elected among the winners of
Innovation Awards 2020  at CES Las Vegas