KEYMO - electronic signature and stamp without subscription


Discover the unique stamp that allows you to seal and sign digital documents wherever you are without network connection and without paying a subscription.


Stamp features

KEYMO - electronic signature and stamp without subscription

Safety box

All sensitive data is protected and stored in a highly secure area of the stamp.

KEYMO - electronic signature and stamp without subscription


The stamp uses innovative and patented optical and Bluetooth pairing and authentication technology.

KEYMO - electronic signature and stamp without subscription


The shell is made of plastic and the edges are made of embossed rubber for better grip and tightness.

KEYMO - electronic signature and stamp without subscription


Recyclable product with a 2-years warranty and easily replaceable battery.

Electronically sign and seal your digital documents on mobile, tablet and PC  

With the KEYMO, it is possible to affix signatures and company stamps by stamping on your screen and clicking once.

Advantages of the digital stamp

Product that complements the ink stamp to process digital documents more easily, securely, and adds the ability to affix simple, advanced, or qualified electronic signatures.

- Paperless solution that saves time and money (no more need for paper, printer and scanner)

- Stamping gesture intuitive and known by all

- Works without an internet connection on your mobile, tablet or PC or that of a third party

- Personal stamp & signature protected in the KEYMO digital stamp vault

- Provides proof of signature history

Benefits for your company

 Helps reduce administrative costs

 Contributes to your digital transformation

  Protect your digital identity

 Reduces commercial and legal disputes

  Integrates an eco-responsible approach

  Saves valuable time for everyone

An electronic signature in compliance with European rules

Whether it is a company stamp, a seal or a personal signature, the KEYMO stamp applies the electronic signature procedure according to the terms of the European eIDAS regulation and therefore a standard and robust asymmetric cryptography.

Out of network connection

The user's personal data is stored directly in the stamp, allowing authentication and stamping without the need for a network connection.

Ultra-secure authentication

The stamp uses an innovative and patented optical and Bluetooth pairing and authentication technology. Coupled with the request of a confidential PIN code, it allows a strong authentication before launching the electronic signature procedure.

Guaranteed traceability

During stamping, the proof of signature is stored: on one side in the stamp memory instantly, and on the other side in a secure remote server after synchronization.

The main services of the KEYMO digital stamp

Electronic stamp

Just like the ink stamp, set up your digital stamp to affix using KEYMO and its mobile, tablet, or PC app.

Electronic signature

Once your personal signature is registered, you can apply it to any digital document from your cell phone or a third party's mobile phone.

Electronic seal

Associated with a qualified certificate, you will be able to load your company, administration and/or service seal. This will allow you to seal the integrity of your document and confirm its genuiness.

Digital stamp : The documents concerned


Validate/sign your quotes on the move


Stamp your invoices without printing


Streamline the signing process


Certify the authenticity of your documents


Make your diplomas unalterable


Aim for sensitive documents

CES 2020 - KEYMO - signature et tampon électronique
BYSTAMP, elected among the winners of
Innovation Awards 2020  at CES Las Vegas